2 Documents You Need For A Child Custody Case

If you and your ex-spouse are not seeing eye to eye on child custody, and you have to go to court to fight over child custody, you need to get your documentation together before you start your custody case. The more documentation you have to submit to the court and have to rely on, the better off you will be no matter what is brought up during the court process. [Read More]

Child Custody Law Basics You Should Know

Child custody law issues are often filled with legal and emotional implications. There are plenty of questions you might have before you visit a child custody attorney. It can be helpful to learn a bit about the basics before you start asking questions, and here are four things you should know. What Happens Without a Court Order? In most U.S. states, the absence of a court order means that equal rights between the two parents is the default. [Read More]

The Truth Behind Alternative Dispute Resolution Myths

Many people go to court to battle things out during a divorce or other struggle. However, that can get messy and expensive very quickly. Those are just a couple of reasons why more people are turning to mediation instead. Unfortunately, alternative dispute resolution is often misunderstood. Consider these truths behind the common mediation myths. Myth: The Mediator is a Judge Truth: The mediator is not a judge at all. In alternate dispute resolution, the mediator works to help the two parties reach an agreement. [Read More]

How Can You Get A Social Security Disability Evaluation?

You feel like you have a good reason to file for your Social Security Disability (SSD), but you would like a second opinion before you go through with filing a claim with the Social Security Administration. After all, you've probably heard on more than one occasion that approval can be hard to obtain unless you have specifically dire circumstances. If you would feel more comfortable with proceeding if someone else felt you had a good chance at applying and being approved for your SSD, there are ways that you can get an evaluation before you actually apply. [Read More]