Three Tips For Handling A Lawsuit Against Your Business

Regardless of how upfront and honest you are with your business partners and customers, disputes will occur. Unfortunately, some of those disputes could end up in court. If you suspect a lawsuit is going to be filed against your business, here are some tips for handling the situation. Determine If You Have Actually Been Sued Some business owners panic after receiving a legal notice from a law firm, but there might not be cause for it. [Read More]

Steps Involved With Suing Someone After An Auto Accident

One of the fastest ways to experience something that is life changing is to get into a bad car accident.  The reason why is because you can suffer severe injuries that changes the type of lifestyle that you live, such as from not being able to work anymore. If you are in a bad situation due to getting into a collision, hiring a lawyer should be considered if you didn't cause the incident to happen. [Read More]

Is Representing Yourself in Court Always a Bad Idea?

Abraham Lincoln, attorney and former President of the United States, once said, "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." There are numerous compelling reasons why defendants should hire attorneys to handle their criminal cases. However, there are also a few times when it may make more sense for defendants to represent themselves in court, especially if money is the reason why they can't hire attorneys. Here's what you need to know to determine if this is a good option for you. [Read More]

Common Causes Of Skiing Accidents, And Who Should Pay For Them

If you are injured while skiing at a resort, don't automatically assume that the resort is responsible for your injuries. Many parties could be responsible for your injuries; it all depends on what caused the accident. Here are some common causes of skiing injuries, and the parties you may hold responsible in each case: A Negligent Skier Collided into You Every skiing resort has its own rules, but most rules are common throughout the sport. [Read More]